Coresight Research Store Trackers

Coresight Research Store Trackers

Week by week, Coresight Research tracks developments in store closures, openings and bankruptcies in the US and the UK. Our new Canada Store Openings and Closures Tracker tracks store openings and closures in Canada.

We detail store changes by retailer in sectors such as department stores, apparel retailers, mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs, discount stores, furniture and home-improvement retailers, consumer electronics stores, health and beauty retailers and grocery retailers.

Our monthly US Store Tracker Extra series offers additional insight, including retailer-level data on square footage and closures and openings as a percentage of total store base. This series also offers a comparison between year-to-date announced closures and openings at the end of each month versus the comparable period last year.

In addition, our US and UK Store Tracker Databank features downloadable multiyear store openings and closures data sets for the US and the UK.

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Store Tracker | January 16, 2020

Reviewing 2019 US and UK Store Closures Premium

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