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Coresight Research is a data-driven research and advisory firm that accelerates you becoming an expert.

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Coresight Research

The Beginning

Consumer buying shifts combined with accelerating technology advancements are propelling consumers to redefine how they shop for and access goods and services. Coresight Research was founded to deliver thought leadership and support a global community of like-minded leaders as they strive to transform their business and capture this opportunity. We comprise a diverse set of backgrounds, converged from careers in consumer companies, Wall Street equity research, market research, tech companies supporting consumer industries, and strategy consulting. Our team shares a collective passion for improving the modern consumer experience, and we aspire to create a community of like-minded innovation experts who can revolutionize the industry.

Our services are intricately shaped by a foundation of data-driven research and thought leadership. This foundation ensures that our offerings are deeply rooted in evidence-based insights, enabling us to provide valuable solutions and guidance. By harnessing the power of data-driven research, we empower industry leaders to make informed decisions, fostering collaboration and driving transformative change.


At the core of our business lies Research and Data Subscriptions. Through extensive analysis and continuous data gathering, we curate valuable insights and information that are instrumental in helping organizations make informed decisions. Our subscription services provide clients with access to a wealth of meticulously collected data, industry reports and trend analysis. This offering empowers businesses to see around the corner and stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging opportunities and mitigating risks, all while fostering collaboration. By subscribing to our research and data services, industry leaders gain the necessary tools to drive transformative change and maintain a competitive edge.


Our Innovator Services offers a range of thought leading content including co-branded research reports, videos, podcasts, and live/digital events, driving thought leadership and awareness for industry innovators. Partnering closely with our clients, we craft impactful strategies, leveraging our data-driven research foundation to co-create content that showcases their expertise, and position our clients as industry thought leaders, fostering collaboration and amplifying brand awareness. Through this tailored approach, industry innovators gain access to our research prowess and engage with their target audiences, all while driving transformative change in their sectors.


Our Advisory Services deliver customized and actionable research and strategies that guide industry leaders through transformative change. Built on our data-driven research and thought leadership foundation, we offer tailored advisory solutions to address specific challenges and opportunities. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop actionable strategies that are rooted in empirical evidence. Whether it's addressing industry disruptions, optimizing operations or exploring new business models, our advisory services provide invaluable guidance. By partnering with us, organizations gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that enable them to make well-informed decisions, adapt to evolving market dynamics and achieve sustainable growth.

Looking Forward

We seek to empower leaders across the consumer-focused ecosystem to see around the corner, adapt to changes and foster collaboration by providing access to valuable insights, by increasing awareness of disruptive innovations, and by working with you to develop market-leading strategies. Together, we can facilitate the adoption of innovation to meet the needs of consumers and drive out performance.

Our Clients

  • SaaS solution that provides mobile body scanning technology using computer vision, 3D geometry and neural networks to enable accurate human body measurement from photos taken on a mobile device.

  • AI-powered contextual marketing solution that enables companies to collect consumer data from smartphones to deliver personalized and localized experiences.

  • Banyan is a powerful and transparent interchange platform between banks and merchants for SKU data. Quite simply, Banyan helps retailers eliminate paper receipts while understanding their customers better.

  • BodiData, Inc’s Kora™ scanner is the only handheld 3D body scanner that takes measurements while fully clothed

  • Botify provides an SEO eCommerce solution dedicated to bringing a performance marketing approach to organic search

  • ciValue provides a unique, AI-powered SaaS platform that helps FMCG retailers (grocery, drug and specialty) and CPG suppliers collaborate to better understand and serve their customers.

  • On-demand apparel customization platform — solution in BETA

  • Digital Wave Technology is a strategic partner to brands and retailers accelerating omnichannel sales and brand equity. Providing the single source of truth for all product data, Digital Wave’s AI / Generative AI-based enterprise platform and solutions unifies the entire product journey from item creation, product management, marketing, merchandising and syndication.

  • Engagement Agents provides a software platform to enable retailers to optimize and take advantage of marketing spend that they already pay for within their store leases

  • Fabric is a headless commerce platform helping direct-to-consumer and B2B brands utilize an eCommerce platform designed for their needs.

  • Fillogic provides a logistics-as-a-service platform offering a network of mall-based micro distribution hubs (over 450) to help improve service levels, reduce costs and optimize asset utilization through strategically located, tech-enabled distribution hubs at shopping centers.

  • Findmine providers a predictive intelligence and personalization solution to help merchandisers and marketers automate looks for 95% of the product catalog

  • Flow provides a turn-key platform for e-commerce companies to go global, capturing international demand for their products.

  • Freeosk has developed a next-generation customer engagement sampling tool, offering CPG manufacturers an automated method for sampling in stores via its sample-dispensing kiosk.

  • Augment traditional in-store and eCommerce sales channels, enabling incremental revenue by connecting associates and consumers – anywhere, anytime.

  • Provides omni-channel retailers a return solution to maximize the flexibility for returning purchases. Shoppers enjoy multiple ways to return: in-person via Happy Returns’ nationwide network of Return Bar locations, through the retailers’ own stores, or by carriers. The company provides aggregated shipping and logistics across channels.

  • Hivery provides a hyper-local retailing solution that enables smart product assortment, promotion and planogram decisions

  • Impact Analytics offers a next-generation technology helping retailers and brands make more data-driven decisions around forecasting, planning and merchandising.

  • Cloud-based SaaS platform, coupled with IoT sensors, that integrates to brick-and-mortar stores to alow retailers and brands to track in-store shopping behaviors; insights into customer journey across stores, categories, displays and merchandise.

  • Cloud-based web and mobile SaaS platform that allows retailers, brands, vendors and manufacturers to digitalize their quality control and compliance monitoring process.

  • Off-price B2B exchange that provides retailers and brands a platform to sell and buy excess inventory. It reduces manual work processes, expands accessible and content-rich product information, and integrates analytics into the brand-retailer negotiation process.

  • A strategic consulting and media firm

  • Customer service platform that automates brand-to-shopper digital interactions and provides more engaging 1:1 communication. Customers can receive updates and answers about orders, tracking, returns and products, and get contextual and personalized recommendations.

  • LogicSource provides sourcing and procurement services to consumer facing businesses. LogicSource focuses exclusively on the sourcing and procurement of goods-not-for-resale, also known as indirect procurement, which typically represents 20% of client revenue and the greatest area of spending inefficiency.

  • Loop Commerce, a Synchrony Solution, is a leading digital gifting platform for retailers and brands.

  • AI-powered software that enables retailers and brands to analyze and organize products and images. The tools enable visual search, auto-tagging, product recommendations and more.

  • E-commerce analytics company that provides actionable insights on product assortments, pricing models, website traffic and other conversion factors. The company can also help retailers and brands understand their shoppers’ path to purchase and online market share.

  • AR and VR solution for furniture and home décor retailers and brands, enabling shoppers both in-store and online to digitally design, configure and visualize home furnishing and home décor products.

  • Namogoo’s platform gives online businesses more control over the customer journey by preventing unauthorized ad injections that attempt to divert customers to competitors. It also helps uncover privacy and compliance risks that can come from the use of third and fourth-party ad vendors.

  • AI-powered returns reduction platform that helps retailers manage and reduce returns by collecting internal and external data, incorporating data science for analysis, alerting the relevant teams to root causes in near real time, managing resolutions and measuring success.

  • Nexite’s Connected Merchandise Platform collects and integrates data from merchandise in real time, helping retailers stay agile and make fast, informed decisions.

  • One Door provides a retail merchandising system that enables store execution of localized, fixture-based planogramming. The company’s cloud-based solution provides a more collaborative and compliant-driven approach to merchandising planning, communication and execution across teams.

  • Placer.ai analyzes location and foot traffic analytics for retailers and other businesses. The company creates consumer profiles by collecting geolocation and proximity data from devices that can help clients make marketing and ad spending decisions.

  • Position Imaging enables logistic efficiency with new and advanced tracking technologies used to provide visibility throughout the logistics chain. As eCommerce and fulfillment methodologies evolve, Position Imaging’s new tracking platform and BOPIS solution offers significant advantages in how goods are delivered to the customer.

  • Retail strategy and analytics platform that provides data-driven solutions to improve an organizations competitive positions across planning and operations: pricing, promotional planning, assortment, personalized marketing, category and shopper insights and supplier collaboration.

  • Predictive analytics and cloud-based solution that delivers real-time insights across business functions: finance, sales, marketing and operations.

  • Marketplace and software solution that provides complete price transparency for shoppers. Shoppers maximize savings, at the same time, e-commerce businesses are provided a more seamless checkout experience.

  • Project Verte provides a e-commerce solution that helps brands with inventory planning, replenishment and order management. The company operates automated fulfillment warehouses designed to provide seamless and optimal fulfillment.

  • Workforce management SaaS solution that provides seamless scheduling, staffing, time reporting, communication and task management.

  • Retail software platform empowering retailers and brands to dynamically merchandise online by using data from their physical stores and local market intelligence to provide contextual discovery for shoppers.

  • Revionics helps retailers ar gain a competitive edge by managing and optimizing their pricing, promotions, and markdowns. Revionics’ cloud-based SaaS solutions deliver amazing year-over-year ROI with an attractive total cost of ownership.

  • E-commerce fraud prevention and chargeback protection solution for high volume and enterprise merchants. The company analyzes card-not-present (CNP) transactions with machine learning algorithms, behavioral analytics and device fingerprinting to enable merchants to sell more, with more confidence.

  • Digital Commerce management tool; they provide tools to track and analyze inventory, product web pages, and sales of goods across digital shelves

  • Savitude’s AI-powered digital design platform enables brands, retailers and designers to work creatively and efficiently, designing quickly for multiple body types and reducing waste.

  • SeeItFit is a virtual try-on solution provider. SeeItFit enables retailers to enhance the overall online shopping experience for shoppers, as they can see how the apparel would look on them before they checkout.

  • SaaS platform that facilitates commerce between retailers and customers by offering “buy now, pay later’ service; payments are broken down into four equal installments and customers pay every two weeks without any upfront fees or interest payments.

  • Indoor GPS and analytics platform that precisely locates people and products insight stores to improve customer experience, increase conversion and reduce costs.

  • Spoonflower is a leading global marketplace offering custom fabric, wallpaper and home décor products.

  • Through partnerships with payment networks, Spring’s cloud-based marketing platform tracks customers’ spending behavior both in-store and online to help companies gain insights into their customers’ purchase behavior and target their engagement accordingly.

  • Switcher Inc. helps organizations and creators make affordable, high quality video. Switcher Studio lets clients connect multiple iPhones and iPads to create multicamera live videos complete with text, graphics, editing, and effects. These moments can be shared by directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Microsoft Stream, and beyond.

  • AI-powered visualization tools that enables retailers to make product discovery more intuitive. Shoppers can upload photos, discover similar products and receive personalized recommendations. Retailers receive consistent textual tags for their inventory from product images.

  • Theory+Practice offers a range of services to help you stay ahead of an ever-changing market, including data analysis and strategies, automated and integrated AI, and behavioral economics.
  • Provider of computer vision solutions and analytics for retail and CPG. The company enables tighter execution controls in-store and provides clients with the ability to leverage competitive insights through its in-store execution tools, market measurement and consulting services and to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale.

  • Exchange platform for extended reality (XR) advertisements, including 3D, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) ads. Advertisers and brands can create a single 3D object to implement across all XR platforms.

  • AI-powered price optimization tool that helps supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies set optimal non-promotional prices based on consumer purchasing behavior and business objectives.

  • YOOBIC is pioneering the digital transformation of workplace employee solutions, enabling it’s partners to streamline communications and processes, improve employee engagement and deliver enhance customer experiences.

What our clients have to say about us.

"Thank you for being such a great partner. You've risen our profile among the retail community, creatively collaborated with us over reports of various topics, removed ambiguity from our sales enablement materials, and pushed us to think deeper about what's top of mind for retailers"

- Afterpay, VP of Marketing

"Our content series with Coresight allowed us the opportunity to demonstrate not only who we are, but also the value we bring to our industry. It is a great tool to increase our collaboration with current clients and start conversations with potential ones. Thank you for creating world-class content that we are proud to share with our stakeholders."

- Inspectorio, CSO and Co-Founder

"Levering Coresight’s co-branded white paper, I was able to drive 2.5x higher engagement during content syndication programs compared to using my vendor contents."

- Fortune 500 workforce technology company,

It ROCKS!!!! You get quoted and she [Forbes] basically recites all of your research! Our competitors are citing the research as well. This is a walk-off grand slam!!! Certainly, the best coverage we've gotten since 2019."

- VP of Marketing, Gift Now, a Synchrony Financial Company

We have received 75 report downloads to our landing page since posting the report this week; and these are very good ICP leads. In addition, we’ve secured 3 PR mentions from Sourcing Journal, Progressive Grocer and Yahoo Finance. All citing our data! The way you positioned the content has really helped communicate our value proposition to top and middle of the funnel prospects."

- VP of Marketing, Simbe Robotics

Through Coresight’s webinar program, we were able to influence two important deals and ultimately close one of them in our pipeline."

- SVP Marketing, Persado

Our Team

Coresight Research helps retail clients accelerate innovation and growth. We focus on disruption at the intersection of retail and technology—and help you understand what it means for your business. Coresight Research has a global presence spanning the US, Europe and Asia, including deep expertise in the China market.

Deborah Weinswig
Deborah Weinswig

CEO and Founder


Max Kahn
Max Kahn


John Mercer
John Mercer

Head of Global Research And Managing Director of Data-Driven Research

Swarooprani Muralidhar
Swarooprani Muralidhar

Director of Research and Managing Director of Healthcare

John Harmon
John Harmon

Managing Director of Technology Research

John Carroll
John Carroll

Head of Advisory

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