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We identify the most important global disruptions affecting the consumer sector, leverage proprietary data to provide impactful insights, and deliver actionable strategies that anticipate change and help you to profit from the transformations reshaping the global consumer landscape.

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Our research is driven by proprietary data and analysis, bringing you key insights on the most important issues impacting the global consumer ecosystem and, importantly, recommendations and strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Subscription Plans:

  • Executive Briefing Access
  • Comprehensive Research Access
  • Comprehensive Research & Analyst Access
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We help innovators expand their reach and brand awareness, authority, thought leadership, trust and relationships to drive demand-generation opportunities.


Innovator Services:

  • Thought-Leading Co-Branded Research Reports and Infographics
  • Insightful In-Person and Digital Events
  • Breakthrough Go-to-Market Strategies
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Research Services

Develop custom, market-leading strategies

We develop tailored, actionable strategies to help you navigate critical areas of disruption, leveraging exclusive data and insights to empower you to capitalize on global changes.

Advisory & Custom Research Services:

  • Executive Workshops
  • Strategy Sprints
  • Custom Strategy Projects
  • Strategic Advisory Retainers
  • Market Research Assessments
  • Custom Research Reports
  • Expert Witness Reports
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Coresight AI Council

Guiding the Future: Powered by Intelligence, Driven by Ethics.

Coresight Research aims to foster an environment of knowledge sharing, exploration, collaboration and innovation, centered around AI (artificial intelligence) technologies and their impact on the global ecosystem. Our goals are to:

Educate and Inform
Explore Opportunities
Address Challenges
Collaborate and Network

Educate and Inform: Share accurate and up-to-date information on AI technologies and trends such as generative AI, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and robotics, and provide a forum to share AI implementation and utilization insights and best practices.

Explore Opportunities: Source and identify new options for deploying AI technology, and uncover ways to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, improve employee satisfaction and drive growth.

Address Challenges: Discuss potential risks and ethical considerations associated with AI usage, including technical challenges and limitations, potential biases in AI algorithms and intellectual property implications.

Collaborate and Network: Foster collaboration and partnerships among stakeholders, leveraging each other's expertise, resources and perspectives via networking, alliances and partnership opportunities across the member community.

Key AI Research Themes

Personalization and Next-Gen Marketing

Automation and Robotics

AI Governance and Ethical Considerations

Demographics, AgeTech and GenZ

Supply Chain

Customer Service

Intellectual Property

And More...

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