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We offer personalized, expert-guided research solutions tailored to your business' specific needs. By collaborating closely with our clients, we provide in-depth market analysis and strategic recommendations, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge—ideal for organizations navigating complex markets and aiming for effective goal achievement.

Executive Workshops<span>Elevate your executive leadership with our Executive Workshops.</span>

Executive WorkshopsElevate your executive leadership with our Executive Workshops.

Executive Workshops

Designed for senior leaders seeking to drive dynamic change and innovation within their organizations, these exclusive programs provide rapid emersion and the latest insights on critical areas of innovation for your organization leading to cutting-edge. Led by industry experts, our workshops are half- or full-day high-impact forums where executives collaborate, strategize and refine their approach. Explore emerging trends and harness the tools needed to revolutionize your company's direction.

Strategy Sprints

Strategy Sprints

Accelerate innovation with Coresight Research four-week strategy sprints, a structured approach designed to expedite launch initiatives. Our four sprint phases are Discover, Diagnose, Discuss and Document. From in-depth research and idea generation to stakeholder alignment, we expedite your launch initiatives for seamless implementation.

Custom Strategy Projects

Custom Strategy Projects

Harnessing our research and advisory teams' collective expertise, we specialize in utilizing exclusive proprietary data for unparalleled business growth, delivering swift outcomes through bespoke innovation and strategic guidance, leveraging insights to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and provide a competitive edge for sustained success in a dynamic market.

Strategic Advisory Retainers

Strategic Advisory Retainers

Stay ahead in the dynamic consumer landscape with our recurring sessions, equipped to tackle global consumer sector disruptions. Our industry-leading research and custom analysis deliver crucial, tailored insights for understanding market shifts. Access actionable strategies that help your organization profit from transformative changes, making us the ideal strategic partner for breakthrough success in complex markets.

Strategic Advisory Retainers
Market Research Assessments

Market Research Assessments

Market Research Assessments

Coresight Research employs advanced techniques, such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups, to analyze industry data and consumer behavior, enabling businesses to enhance strategies, make informed decisions, and seize growth opportunities for industry-leading success.

Custom Research & Data<span>Thought-Leading Custom Research Reports and Infographics</span>

Custom Research & DataThought-Leading Custom Research Reports and Infographics

Unlock the power of an in-depth custom research report or report series designed to revolutionize your understanding of a specific topic in the evolving global consumer landscape. Our reports harness exclusive proprietary data to generate impactful insights, offering a comprehensive view of the transformative trends shaping markets worldwide. Gain an unparalleled advantage with actionable strategies tailor-made to leverage these transformations. Elevate your business strategies with precision and foresight, positioning yourself at the forefront of change to achieve a competitive edge that propels your success. With our expertly crafted reports, you'll navigate the shifting landscape with confidence, enabling smarter, more informed decisions that drive growth and innovation.

Research Research

Recent Advisory ProjectsCovering Cutting-Edge Topics


Developed US livestream shopping strategy and rolled up sleeves on execution for large global retailer

Retail Media

Created strategy and plan to maximize retail media and data monetization for a large regional grocery chain including identifying innovation partners


Defined loyalty and community strategy for large technology company to engage both consumers and small businesses


Sized and prioritized market opportunities in the US and globally for a fast-growing online e-commerce marketplace which helped support successful exit

Retail Tech

Refined value proposition and go-to market plans based on detailed customer and competitive analysis for an AI-driven “complete the look” software startup


Tackled the $ billions of global food waste in grocery for a leading technology company providing RFID tracking tools

China Entry

Created the China entry strategy for a famous streetwear retailer leveraging global superstar influencers

Instant Needs

Developed the scale-up economic model messaging for the Instant Needs Leader for the investor community


Forecasted the future of BNPL (buy now pay later) payments for e-commerce players

Just Walk Out

Identified the value drivers of "Just Walk Out" cashierless technologies for convenience stores, stadiums and airports

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