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Retail Shrink and ORC: Legislative Momentum Grows and New Tech Solutions Emerge To Tackle Theft

Continuing our regular series on retail shrink and organized retail crime (ORC), we focus this month on developments from the US and the UK. We discuss recent legislative changes and proposals, reported metrics on the prevalence of retail crime, and news about loss-prevention technologies. Plus, discover US consumer attitudes to theft and prevention measures in retail, as well as recent retailer commentary on shrink.

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Retail Shrink and ORC: Self-Checkout and Store Closures, the INFORM Consumers Act, US Retailer Commentary

In this first report in our new monthly series on retail shrink and organized retail crime (ORC), we discuss the size of the inventory shrink challenge in the US and present developments in theft and related incidents in the US and the UK from the past few months. We also provide commentary on the topic from US retailers’ recent earnings calls. This report covers the INFORM Consumers Act, Target’s store closures, Walmart’s self-checkout closures and more.

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