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Store Openings and Closures 2023 Review and 2024 Outlook: US and UK Store Tracker Extra—Infographic

What's Inside

The Store Tracker Extra monthly series offers insight into retailers’ store closure and opening announcements, including their square-footage impact.

This infographic summarizes key data on store closures and openings in the US and the UK for calendar 2023 and our projections for 2024, accompanying our yearly research report on the topic.

Data in this infographic include:

2023 Review

  • US and UK store closure and opening counts, 2019–2024E
  • Top retails and sectors by store closures and openings in the US and the UK, 2023
  • Overall square-footage impacts of store closures and openings by major retailers in the US, 2023
  • Breakdown of US store closures by selected sectors, 2023
  • US store closures and openings by location, 2023—counts, share of total, square-footage impacts

2024 Outlook

  • Coresight Research projections for US and UK store closures and openings in 2024

Companies mentioned in this report include: Asda, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dollar General, Wilko

Other relevant research:

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