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ICSC New York Deal Making 2019 Wrap-Up

ICSC New York Deal Making 2019 highlighted the reinvention of physical retail, which is being driven by innovations in the use of space, the proliferation of omnichannel shoppers and a widespread focus on sustainability. A number of technologies are being implemented by retailers to undertake a transition from a profits-first approach to a consumer-centric operational model.

Weekly US and UK Store Openings and Closures Tracker 2019, Week 50: Dollar General Plans To Continue Store Expansion in Fiscal Year 2020

Our Weekly US and UK Store Openings and Closures Tracker reports on store closures, openings and bankruptcies. This week, there are highlights from Dollar General and RTW Retailwinds in the US and Co-op and Ted Baker in the UK. In the US, year-to-date announced closures have already exceeded the total we recorded for the full year 2018.

Insights from ICSC New York Deal Making 2019

The Coresight Research team is attending ICSC New York Deal Making 2019 from December 10 to 12 in New York City. Key insights from the conference include the importance of experiential retail, the growth of “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” services and the impact of value-for-money concepts on outlet centres.

Coresight on Cannabis: The Marijuana Consumer

We analyze the results of our US survey of marijuana (or cannabis) users, in nine states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. We look at how much marijuana users spend on the drug, how often they use marijuana and how they consume it, where they purchase the drug and why they use the drug—including medical and recreational reasons.

Tencent’s Smart Retail Strategy

Chinese Internet giant Tencent is focusing on the business-to-business space through its “Smart Retail” concept—the company’s answer to Alibaba’s New Retail. Tencent’s Smart Retail ecosystem has a number of components that facilitate the integration of online and offline commerce, including the leveraging of WeChat mini programs, investment in and the exploitation of the company’s strength in gaming and digital entertainment.

How Dollar Stores Are Gearing Up To Sustain Growth

Dollar stores emerged as Wall Street darlings in the early 2000s, got a boost during the financial crisis—and just kept going. We look at how the major players, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General, plan to maintain the momentum in the coming years.