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Activist Investors Seek Change at Kohl’s: An Analysis of Metrics and a Benchmark to Industry

At Kohl’s 2021 annual meeting of shareholders, activist investors issued a letter to shareholders pushing for board changes to increase profitability. Kohl’s officially rebutted this letter on February 22, 2021. We analyze selected key metrics that the Investor Group identified in its assessment of Kohl’s and compare them to the performance of the largest department store chain in the US and Kohl’s competitor, Macy’s.

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Holiday 2020: US Black Friday and Cyber Monday Insights—Digital Sales Growth Underwhelms on Cyber Monday

This year, Black Friday in the US has been mainly digital, as consumers shift spending to e-commerce. In this free report, we discuss digital sales performance during Cyber Week, covering total revenues and year-over-year growth, the boost provided by pickup services, US retailers’ average discount rates and popular product categories among US shoppers.

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