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Retail-Tech Landscape: Quick Commerce

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Quick-commerce players provide rapid home delivery of groceries and daily essential items to customers. We present selected startups globally that provide quick-commerce (instant needs) services across the retail sector through dark stores and partnerships.

We discuss three key trends in quick commerce and identify startups from Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the rest of the world.

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Retail-Tech Landscape: Quick Commerce

Quick Commerce Trends in Retail

  1. Partnerships and Acquisitions Present Strong Growth Opportunities for Existing Players
  2. Third-Party Delivery Services Can Expand Quickly with No Inventory Costs
  3. Venturing Beyond Groceries and Daily Essentials into New Segments Is the Next Big Step for Quick Commerce

Retail-Tech Landscape: Quick Commerce—Infographic

Retail-Tech Landscape: Quick Commerce, by Region

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