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Head-to-Head in European Online Apparel Retailing: ASOS vs. Zalando

What's Inside

ASOS and Zalando are heavyweights in European online apparel retailing. As part of our Head-to-Head series, we profile the two companies, analyzing seven key aspects of their businesses.

Our analysis includes the following:

  • Business models, fast-fashion positioning and pricing strategies
  • Financial metrics
  • Shopper profiles
  • Automation and data-driven strategies
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Sustainability initiatives

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ASOS vs. Zalando: Coresight Research Analysis

Business Overview

1. Business Models—Shift Toward Becoming Fashion Marketplaces

2.  Fast-Fashion Positioning and Pricing Strategies

3.  Financial Metrics: Revenue, Operating Margins, Marketing and Fulfillment Rates

4. Customer Profiles

5.  Automation and Data-Driven Inventory Management and Personalization

6. Key Strategic Partnerships

7.  Sustainability

What We Think

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