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Supply Chain Optimization with Web3: Unlocking the Potential of Intelligent Retail

What's Inside

How can Web3 provide more agility and resilience to drive efficiency and profitability in the retail supply chain under today’s evolving industry pressures?

In this report, we explore how a circular, decentralized supply chain can drive key benefits and tackle the challenges currently facing retailers.

We also discuss barriers to Web3 adoption and present notable technology providers whose solutions can support companies in creating a connected, intelligent retail supply chain.

Data and insights in this research report include:

  • Estimated revenues of Web3 service providers, 2022–2027
  • Challenges and limitations facing the retail supply chain
  • Benefits of decentralized ledgers and smart contracts

Companies mentioned in this report include: Blockverify, Everledger, IBM, Project Verte, Provenance, Transborder Logistics, VeChain, Walmart

Other relevant research:

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