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Amazon Apparel Consumer Survey 2020: Amazon Cements Its Lead in US Fashion Market

What's Inside

In our third Amazon Apparel survey report, we explore:

  • What proportion of US consumers are buying apparel on
  • Which, if any, retailers Amazon’s clothing and footwear shoppers have switched their spending from.
  • What clothing and footwear brands and categories consumers are buying on Amazon.
  • Why consumers choose to buy clothing and footwear on
  • Amazon shoppers’ attitudes toward Amazon Fashion and its offerings on a range of subjects ranging from private labels to the ease of using the Amazon website.
  • Where else, besides Amazon Fashion, respondents shop for apparel.
  • How apparel ranks versus other categories in terms of purchase rates on

We provide year-over-year comparisons for many metrics.

Click here to read the findings from the Amazon Apparel Consumer Survey 2019.

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