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Immersive Experiences in Retail: Driving Sales Through Enhanced Shopper Engagement

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In today’s dynamic retail environment, where innovation shapes the way consumers shop, immersive experiences are emerging that promise to revolutionize the retail industry in driving customer engagement and loyalty.

In this report, we explore how US brands and retailers plan to invest in and offer such experiences to reap multiple benefits, based on proprietary Coresight Research survey data.

Readers will learn about the rapid growth potential of the global AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) markets and how high immersive experiences rank among retail companies’ investment priorities, as well as their plans to increase investment in this area in the future.

To uncover how brands and retailers can deliver more meaningful, engaging and personalized shopping journeys, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and business growth, we discuss four types of immersive experience in detail:

  • Virtual stores
  • Data/AI (artificial intelligence)-enabled content for personalization
  • Gamified shopping experiences
  • Social shopping

This report is produced, and made available to non-subscribers of Coresight Research, in partnership with Obsess, an immersive commerce platform that enables brands and retailers to build interactive, 3D shopping experiences on their websites.

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