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May 2023 Monthly Consumer Update: US, UK and China

What's Inside

Our Monthly Consumer Update analyzes key consumer indicators from the US, the UK and China. In this report, we examine the latest data as of May 2023, covering inflation, earnings, retail sales and more.

Data in this research report are: 

  • Average weekly earnings versus consumer prices in the US and the UK
  • Per capita disposable income versus consumer prices in China
  • Consumer prices for food at home and gasoline (automotive fuel) in the US, the UK and China
  • Total retail sales (ex. automobiles and automotive fuel) in US, the UK and China

Other relevant research:  

  • The Coresight Research US Retail Sales Databank brings together retail sales data to help you understand the scale and trajectory of US retail.
  • Our full collection of monthly reports keep you up to date on retail sales (in total and by sector) and key consumer indicators, focusing on the US, the UK and China.

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