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Amazon Apparel: Annual US Survey Reveals Amazon Has Overtaken Walmart as America’s Most-Shopped Retailer for Apparel

Executive Summary

Our survey of US apparel shoppers has uncovered a wealth of insights on Amazon Fashion. Here are our top six findings: 

  • Measured by number of shoppers, Amazon Fashion is the most-shopped apparel retailer in the US, up from second place in 2018. 
  • Apparel shopping rates show signs of peaking among Prime members. Around three-quarters of Prime members bought apparel on Amazon in the past year. However, we recorded a much greater uplift from “have bought” to “expect to buy” among those without Prime membership than among Prime members.
  • Amazon’s private-label collections as a group comprise the fourth-most-bought clothing or footwear “brand” on Amazon and one in six Amazon apparel shoppers surveyed said that they have bought Amazon private-label apparel in the past 12 months.
  • Amazon has established its #1 position by penetrating the heart of the mid-market. Reflecting this, Walmart is now the top retailer that Amazon Fashion shoppers have switched some or all of their apparel spending from, followed closely by Target. 
  • Amazon Fashion shoppers are satisfied with the site’s online experience and cited the ease of browsing and searching as the top reason to buy apparel on the site. Only 13% of shoppers think that the site could be made easier to browse.
  • Amazon apparel shoppers show only average rates of concern with sustainability. Overall, apparel shoppers try to buy from brands with a good environmental record but are less likely to want to pay for sustainable practices. 

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