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Robotics in Retail—Part 1: Autonomous Vehicles and Cobots Optimize the Supply Chain

In the first report of our two-part Robotics in Retail series, we explore two key applications of robotics in the retail supply chain: in warehousing and in last-mile delivery. We discuss the role and benefits of autonomous vehicles (including drones) and cobots (collaborative robots), as well as selected use cases by brands and retailers.

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Retail 2023: 10 Trends in China E-Commerce

We present 10 key trends for e-commerce in China in 2023, revealing how brands and retailers can position themselves for growth in the country. This report is part of our Retail 2023 series of outlook reports, offering directional outlooks, headwinds and tailwinds, and themes to watch for 2023 and beyond in global retail.

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Retail 2023: 10 Trends in Retail Technology

We present 10 trends in retail technology, covering technologies that brands and retailers can employ to make their businesses more efficient, reduce costs, improve customer experiences and explore new revenue opportunities. We discuss the metaverse, livestreaming e-commerce, self-checkout, returns management and more.

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