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Retail-Tech Landscape: Generative AI Applications

What's Inside

Generative AI (artificial intelligence), also known as GenAI, rests on the shoulders of decades of AI research. Software developers and engineers have been busy developing applications to manage and control large language models (LLMs) so that more businesses and individuals can access the power and benefits of GenAI.

In this Retail-Tech Landscape, we discuss the need for GenAI applications and present selected technology providers globally, with innovative solutions spanning audio, code generation, productivity, video and more.

We focus solely on startups—privately held tech companies that were founded within the last 10 years.

Companies mentioned in this report include: 3DLOOK, AiXcoder, Beautiful.AI, BlendAI, DeepBrain AI, Digital Wave Technology, Glean, Grammarly, Infinity AI, Jasper AI,, Observe.AI, Obsess, Perplexity AI, Persado, Resemble AI, Speak Ai, Stockimg AI, Synthesia, Tabnine, Taskade, Tavus

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