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The Future of Pricing: How AI Is Transforming Price Planning in Retail

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What are the critical challenges that retailers need to tackle in using AI (artificial intelligence) for price planning, and why is it so important they do so? Dive into our proprietary survey analysis on the use of AI in retail pricing strategies, as well as the investment landscape, to discover the answer.

This report enables retailers to get a step ahead in the AI space to effectively execute an optimal pricing strategy, and offers technology vendors insights into the key differentiators that retail companies seek in seeking AI pricing solutions.

This report is produced and made available to non-subscribers of Coresight Research in partnership with Competera, a pricing solution company that empowers retailers to set and maintain optimal pricing in retail time using AI.

Data in this research report include:

  • Estimated pricing optimization software market size, 2023 and 2028E
  • Proprietary survey findings—The importance of optimal pricing strategies in determining retailers’ business success; the adoption rate and benefits of AI-based pricing solutions; key challenges that retailers face when using such solutions; the extent of integration of pricing with other business functions; and retailer investment plans for AI in price planning
  • The current state of price planning on the pricing maturity curve

Other relevant research:

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