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The State of In-Store Retailing: Opportunities To Redefine Operations

Understand the state of in-store retailing and dive into critical opportunities to redefine store operations with this comprehensive research report. From out-of-stocks to pricing issues, we uncover the challenges that lie between retailers and optimal store efficiency, and explore the transformative potential of store intelligence technologies to enhance efficiency, agility and innovation.

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E-Commerce for the Modern Consumer: Building Trust in a Digital Age

Gain a competitive edge in e-commerce! Leveraging proprietary survey analysis, we delve into the friction points that translate to shopper journey abandonment, explore how brands and retailers can cultivate loyalty in the digital age, and discuss the importance of the human touch in online shopping. Dive into our critical insights to learn how to meet the expectations of the modern consumer, enhance shopper engagement and boost customer lifetime value.

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Retail Challenges Boost Edge Technology Investment: Research Preview

We offer an early look at research from our forthcoming report, Retail Challenges Boost Edge Technology Investment. Leveraging proprietary survey findings, we discuss the critical business pain points impacting net revenue as well as retailers’ near-term technology investment plans. The upcoming free report is sponsored by VMware.

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