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E-Commerce for the Modern Consumer: Building Trust in a Digital Age

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What's Inside

Gain a competitive edge in e-commerce! We delve into the friction points that translate to shopper journey abandonment, explore how brands and retailers can cultivate loyalty in the digital age, and discuss the importance of the human touch in online shopping, with a focus on customer service.

Dive into our critical insights to learn how to meet the expectations of the modern consumer, enhance shopper engagement and boost customer lifetime value.

Our analysis is informed by a Coresight Research survey of US online shoppers.

This report is produced and made available to non-subscribers of Coresight Research in partnership with Humankind.

Data in this research report include:

  • Estimated growth trajectory of US online retail sales through 2027
  • Online cart abandonment rate in US e-commerce and estimated revenue loss as a result in 2024
  • Proprietary survey data—what US consumers think about human experts vs. AI (artificial intelligence) chatbots and their preferences around online shopping assistance

Other relevant research:

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