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Reshaping Supply Chains for the 2020s: #4—Smarter and Greener Warehousing

What's Inside

In our Reshaping Supply Chains for the 2020s series, we analyze the technologies and trends that are enabling the evolution of the supply chain. In this report, we discuss changes in retail warehousing needs and how technology solutions are helping to meet demand and optimize operations.

This report considers the following key topics:

  • Implications of e-commerce growth for warehousing—including recent examples of warehouse investment
  • Why malls are turning over retail space to create warehousing facilities
  • The application of key technologies to improve warehouse and supply chain efficiency—as well as to meet current coronavirus-related requirements
  • Sustainability in warehousing

Read previous reports in our Reshaping Supply Chains for the 2020s series for more information on the evolution of manufacturing, demand forecasting and the consumerization and digitalization of product design.

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