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Livestreaming E-Commerce Takes Off in the US

What's Inside

China has a relatively mature livestreaming e-commerce market, but we are now also seeing momentum in the US as brands and retailers further explore the use of social media platforms to engage with consumers and boost sales.

In this report, we discuss the following key topics:

  • The market in China versus the US
  • Selected retailers’ and social media platforms’ moves into livestreaming e-commerce in the US
  • Livestreaming platforms in the US—including Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
  • In-video checkout functionality and its impact on purchasing conversion
  • The power of social media influencers over consumer shopping behavior
  • Multi-channel networks—proliferation in China and opportunity in the US

We have explored livestreaming e-commerce in other recent reports, covering opportunities in the China market and the lessons that can be learned from beauty retail in China amid Covid-19.

For more on the topic of social commerce, click here to read our findings from a 2019 Coresight Research survey of US social media shoppers.

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