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Customer-Centric Commercial Collaboration: The Importance of Data in Interconnected Supply Chains

What's Inside

This report is part of Coresight Research’s series of roundtable discussions and research reports, entitled The New Age of Customer-First Supply Chains, in which we present key insights into strategic areas in which brands and retailers can take action to build a resilient and profitable supply chain.

We discuss the importance of customer-centric commercial collaboration in the modern, interconnected retail supply chain, particularly in the current environment. We explore the different types of technology-powered collaboration—between retailers and suppliers, and with consumers.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

Customer-Centric Commercial Collaboration: Coresight Research Analysis

The Current Environment Necessitates Improved Collaboration

Collaboration Between All Supply Chain Parties: Modern Supply Chains Are Interconnected

Collaboration Between Retailers and Suppliers: Key Advantages

Collaboration Between Retailers, Manufacturers and Consumers: Data-Driven Forecasting and Product Development

What We Think

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