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Amazon Apparel Update: An Analysis of Listings on Amazon Fashion

What's Inside

We offer an exclusive analysis of Amazon’s US clothing assortment, in collaboration with competitive-intelligence provider DataWeave. We analyze product listings by category, brand and seller to identify key trends covering the following content:

  • A comparison of men’s and women’s assortment by number of product listings
  • Ranking of the top 30 apparel brands on Amazon Fashion and the dominance of “generic”, non-branded products
  • The top categories of men’s and women’s apparel respectively (by number of product listings) and the top brands in each
  • The three most-listed brands on Amazon Fashion
  • The proliferation of Activewear products, led by Nike, Adidas and Under Armour
  • Product listings on Amazon Fashion by seller

This report is an update to our report from November 2018, Amazon Apparel Update: An Analysis of More than 1 Million Clothing Listings on Amazon Fashion.

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