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The Power of First-Party Data: Five Ways To Maximize Business Success

In partnership with Treasure Data, we delve into the ways in which first-party data can maximize the sustainable growth and long-term success of retail businesses. From GenAI (generative artificial intelligence) to retail media, explore power of first-party data and strategic partnerships with technology providers to gain a strategic competitive advantage.

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What the Ozempic Economy Means for US Retail

US consumers are increasingly focusing on health and wellness with the rise of the Ozempic economy. We dive into the implications of widespread GLP-1 drug use on US retail, including the impacts on sectors such as grocery and apparel.

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The Metaverse Is Not Dead: Defying the Rumors of Its Demise

With attention recently shifting to generative AI (artificial intelligence), are we seeing the demise of the metaverse? We explore recent metaverse-related developments—both positive and unfavorable—that paint a picture of the current state and long-term potential of the metaverse. We lay out what brands, retailers and solution providers need to know to drive success in the virtual world.

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