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Amazon Apparel US Consumer Survey 2024: Amazon Regains Its Spot as America’s Most-Shopped Clothing and Footwear Retailer

What's Inside

Since 2018, we have conducted an annual survey of US consumers to shed light on their clothing and footwear shopping patterns and habits on Our seventh annual survey of clothing and footwear shoppers was undertaken in March 2024 and featured 2,001 US consumers. We examine our survey’s findings in detail, as well as provide valuable insights that draw from our comprehensive, seven-year dataset.

Proprietary survey data in this research report include:

  • The proportion of US shoppers who have bought apparel from Amazon over the past year
  • The proportion of US shoppers who expect to buy apparel from Amazon over the coming 12 months
  • The proportion of US apparel shoppers who made an apparel purchase via a Prime membership over the past year
  • Apparel shoppers’ reasons for shopping on
  • The most purchased brands on
  • Where US shoppers have purchased apparel from in the past 12 months (including Amazon)

Companies mentioned in this research report include:  Amazon, NIKE, Target, Shein, Temu, Walmart

Other relevant research:

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