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Alibaba To Raise $13.4 Billion in Hong Kong Second Listing

In the same week of the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival (also known as Singles’ Day), Alibaba made headlines again with its secondary listing in Hong Kong, to raise $13.4 billion. The listing represents a vote of confidence for the region amid unrest, and the funds will allow Alibaba to expand its business and invest in technology.

Retail-Tech Landscape: Direct-to-Consumer Brands

In this report, we continue our Retail-Tech Landscape report series, which spotlights innovative retail-tech companies that are disrupting the retail industry. This landscape focuses on high-growth, direct-to-consumer brands across a number of sectors.

Mapping Alibaba’s New Retail Ecosystem

Alibaba Group, an e-commerce giant in China, is evolving beyond online shopping into a leading provider of data and technology services across multiple verticals. In addition to achieving growth, the company is looking to empower retailers and consumers through its “New Retail” strategy.