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Retail Challenges Drive Edge Technology Investment

Retailers must find ways to grow revenues and improve efficiency despite facing brisk headwinds. We leverage proprietary findings to explore the impacts of various business components on retailers’ revenues and assess their in-store tech investment levels. This free report is sponsored by VMware.

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E-Commerce Outlook: US Grocery—Inflation Triggers Slowdown in Growth

Although grocery e-commerce is undergoing a correction in 2022 following its impressive two-year streak, its long-term growth potential remains intact. In this E-Commerce Outlook, we examine the size and trajectory of the US grocery e-commerce market, and detail the competitive landscape, retail innovators and themes we are watching in 2022 and beyond.

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A Guide to Multiplying Retail Media Dollars

We analyze key trends in the market and offer insights and recommendations for retailers to optimize their retail media strategy, analyzing findings from a proprietary survey of US-based retailers. This free report is sponsored by Swiftly.

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