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Singles’ Day 2020: Analyzing New Retail Strategies

Started as an online-only shopping festival, Singles’ Day has been shifting toward an omnichannel presence, leveraging Alibaba’s concept of “New Retail” to extend the event to offline retail. We discuss three key New Retail strategies that brands and Alibaba’s Tmall platform launched for this year’s Double 11: offline experiential events, such as pop-up shops; 3D virtual showrooms; and online coupons.

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Singles’ Day 2020: Analyzing New Products

Singles’ Day presents an opportunity for new product launches, to help brands drive consumer excitement and boost sales. We discuss some of the new product strategies that brands employed on Alibaba’s Tmall during this year’s 11.11 shopping festival, and present learnings that can be applied to the China market and shopping festivals in particular, as well as to year-round sales strategies.

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