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The Inaugural 10.10 Shopping Festival: From Concept to Creation—and the Five Factors That Drove Its Success

What's Inside

Coresight Research launched the 10.10 Shopping Festival exactly one month ago, to bring fun and excitement back to the retail industry and to help retailers and shoppers address the disruption caused by Covid-19.

In this report, we provide insights into the creation and launch of the inaugural 10.10 Shopping Festival, which took place on October 9–12 and involved close collaboration with shopping rewards app Shopkick and online fashion marketplace Fashwire, as well as the participation of an exciting array of charities and supporting partners, retailers and brands.

We also discuss five key factors that drove the success of 10.10:

  1. Unified retail industry teams
  2. Gamification
  3. Purposeful shopping (charitable giveback)
  4. Marketing and promotion
  5. Interest in festivals

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