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Insight Report

The Future of Apparel Sourcing: Technology Set to Enable More Transparent, Local and Faster Supply Chains

Coresight Research

Key Points

Technology is already disrupting the way apparel sourcing operates. We’ll look at how these innovations will change the apparel sourcing of the future. Key findings include:

  • Technology is changing apparel sourcing. In the future, sourcing will combine offshoring and onshoring to deliver speed to market and gain competitive advantage. Production closer to the end market is becoming more cost effective thanks to automation.
  • Offshore sourcing will become more transparent, efficient and sustainable. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable companies to identify problems immediately and intervene promptly, making apparel sourcing overall more efficient and cost effective.
  • Automation will mean fewer people are needed, making production lines faster and more cost effective. Tech firms such as Grabit and Softwear Automation are collaborating with companies including Esquel Group and Li & Fung to automate apparel production.
  • Apparel manufacturers and brands such as Tianyun Garments, Adidas and Levi’s are experimenting with highly automated onshore production facilities to better respond to end market consumer demand.

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