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Supply Chain Briefing: Gamification Helps to Engage Employees and Improve Customer Experience

Executive Summary

In our biweekly Supply Chain Briefing series, we discuss how technology is transforming the various stages of the retail supply chain, including product design, demand forecasting, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, last-mile delivery and sales. We also discuss other developments that relate to the retail supply chain.

This report discusses gamification, which many companies are using to train and motivate their supply chain workforce.

  • Gamification is about integrating game mechanics to a task to increase participation and motivation.
  • Gamification can bring various benefits, including raising motivation and engagement, and improving customer experience delivery.
  • Companies such as Amazon, Brambles and Walmart have adopted gamification to train employees for supply chain operations.

Below, we illustrate the seven major components of the retail supply chain, and some of the technologies that can support processes at various stages – from product design to end consumer.

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