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Social Commerce Platforms: Diverse Opportunities for Brands and Retailers

Coresight Research

What's Inside

We present the social commerce landscapes in China and the US, discussing major platforms across areas such as social media, livestreaming, group buying and e-commerce. This report highlights the broader scope of the Chinese market and the learnings that Western companies could take from China’s alternative social commerce models, as well as the opportunities for brands and retailers in the sector.  

This market research report considers the influence of the coronavirus pandemic in changing consumers’ social commerce habits. We also explore the following key content: 

  • Social media platforms with e-commerce functions in the US—including Facebook and Instagram 
  • Social media platforms with e-commerce functions in China—including Little Red Book and short-video apps Douyin and Kwai 
  • Group-buying platforms in the US and China—including Pinduoduo 
  • Supplier-to-business-to-consumer platforms in China—including Beidian 
  • Social media functionality on e-commerce platforms—including Amazon, Taobao and 

As part of this market overview, we outline the estimated growth of the social commerce sectors in China and the US over the next few years.  


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