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Retail Reimagined: Implementing Contact-Light Retail To Deliver a Safe and Convenient Shopping Process

What's Inside

In our Retail Reimagined series, we offer a thematic outlook to the post-crisis world, identifying and discussing key retail trends that are likely to prevail and exploring how retail may be reimagined in response to shifts in demand and supply.

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the ways in which consumers engage in retail, and we expect demand for contact-light shopping to become the new norm.

In this report, we explore how retailers can implement contact-light retail across four key opportunities:

1. Curbside pickup

2. Contactless payment

3. Cashierless stores

4. Vending machines

We also discuss examples of innovative contact-light approaches that have emerged amid the crisis, including fresh-produce vending machines in China and a new mobile app launched by an experiential department store in New York.

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