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Reshaping Supply Chains for the 2020s: #7—Data-Oriented and AI-Integrated CRM Solutions

What's Inside

In our Reshaping Supply Chains for the 2020s series, we analyze the technologies and trends that are enabling the evolution of the supply chain. In this report, we discuss key trends in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the retail industry and what software solutions CRM providers are offering.

This report considers the following topics:

  • The types of CRM offerings with a specific application to the retail industry, including operational, analytical and collaborative solutions
  • An overview of the global CRM market, including market revenue share from leading CRM providers such as Microsoft and Salesforce
  • CRM solutions offered by the five leading vendors in the market
  • Three key trends in CRM solutions, including social media data integration, artificial intelligence (AI) and niche service offerings, with features from providers Aptos, Endear and retailCRM
  • Implications for brands, retailers and technology companies

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