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Reshaping Supply Chains for the 2020s: #6—Trends To Watch in Last-Mile Delivery

What's Inside

In our Reshaping Supply Chains for the 2020s series, we analyze the technologies and trends that are enabling the evolution of the supply chain. In this report, we discuss key trends in last-mile delivery processes in the retail industry and what major players are doing to tackle last-mile challenges.

This report considers the following topics:

  • The top shipping carriers used by e-commerce companies in the US
  • How retailers and partnered carriers are expanding last-mile shipping capabilities, including investments made by Amazon, Target and Walmart
  • Developments in last-mile visibility tools to cater to consumer demand—including offerings by FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • Challenges facing retailers in last-mile delivery amidst increasing e-commerce demand and solutions from innovators such as Nuro and Routific
  • Implications for brands, retailers and technology companies

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