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Quinyx’s “Evolving to Thrive” Virtual Summit: Deborah Weinswig Explores the New World of Retail

What's Inside

On August 10, 2020, Coresight Research CEO and Founder Deborah Weinswig presented on the new world of retail at Quinyx’s “Evolving to Thrive” virtual summit. The event hosted cross-sector industry leaders to discuss adapting and re-inventing operations and workforces in a post-Covid world.

We present insights from Weinswig’s presentation across five key topics around how the Covid-19 pandemic has rewritten the rules of retail:

  1. Improvements in the current US retail environment
  2. Long-lasting consumer behaviour changes—including shifts in purchasing priorities
  3. Alterations to the consumer-retailer interaction model and the role of technology in facilitating these developments
  4. Streamlining back-end retail operations
  5. Inclusion and sustainability

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