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NRF 2021 Day Three: Data-Driven Solutions, from Supply Chain to Store; Understanding Changed Shopping Patterns

What's Inside

NRF 2021, the annual “Retail’s Big Show” event hosted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), is taking place virtually over six days between January 12 and 22.

The Coresight Research team presents our 10 key insights from day three of the event, which focused on the importance of understanding consumers, many of whom have changed their behaviors over the course of the pandemic. The benefits of integrating technology across all retail operations, from supply chain to stores, emerged as another key theme.

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Coresight Research CEO and Founder Deborah Weinswig also hosted a session on day four of NRF 2021 with location data analytics startup Placer.ai. Click here to read highlights from the session.

Look out for our separate reports presenting key takeaways from the rest of the event.

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NRF 2021 Day Three: 10 Key Insights

  1. China’s New Luxury Consumer Is Young, Discerning and Spending
  2. Digital Capabilities Expand as Retailers Adapt to a Digital-First Home Consumer
  3. Five Segments of Home Shoppers: “The Creative” Spends Most
  4. Consumers Continue To Change the Way They Think and Shop
  5. Easily Accessible, Real-Time Data Is Necessary To Adapt to a Volatile Retail World
  6. Retention of Pandemic-Driven Changed Behaviors Will Vary by Demographic
  7. The New Consumer Will Expect a Streamlined, Omnichannel Retail Experience
  8. Capturing Data at Brick-and-Mortar Stores Helps Retailers Understand the Consumer Journey
  9. Supply Chain Technology Helps Exceed Customer Expectations in Food Service
  10. Labor Management Can Be Optimized Through Technology Solutions

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