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NRF 2021 Day Two: Leveraging Technology To Engage Consumers and Empower Employees

What's Inside

NRF 2021, the annual “Retail’s Big Show” event hosted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), is taking place virtually over six days between January 12 and 22.

The Coresight Research team presents our 10 key insights from day two of the event, which focused on how retailers can benefit from using data, artificial intelligence and voice commerce to appeal to consumers in the new environment. Sustainability and social responsibility also emerged as key themes.

Click here to read our insights from the first day of NRF 2021, which focused on new digital strategies, the importance of an agile supply chain and the growing value of loyalty programs amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Look out for our separate reports presenting key takeaways from the rest of the event.

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NRF 2021 Day Two: 10 Key Insights

  1. Retailers Can Leverage the “Data Explosion” To Enhance Customer Experiences and Loyalty
  2. Partnerships Can Take Retailers to the Next Level
  3. Data Analytics Provides Valuable Insights for Customer Engagement and Retention
  4. Voice Commerce Is Likely To Continue To See Strong Growth
  5. A Focus on Sustainability Is Table Stakes
  6. Social Responsibility Has To Be a Strategy, Not a Response
  7. To Lead Effectively, Retail Executives Must Work with Experts and Embrace Innovation
  8. AI Is an Essential Component of the Modern Store
  9. Keeping Employees Connected and Safe Drives an Effective Workforce
  10. Reflecting the Demographics of the New Consumer in the Workforce Is a Necessity

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