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NRF 2021 Day One: Digital Strategy, Inventory Agility and Loyalty Are Top of Mind

What's Inside

NRF 2021, the annual “Retail’s Big Show” event hosted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), has moved online for the first time, taking place entirely virtually over six days, from January 12 to 22.

The Coresight Research team presents our 10 key insights from day one of the event, which focused on new digital strategies, the importance of an agile supply chain and the growing value of loyalty programs amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Look out for our separate reports presenting key takeaways from the rest of the event.

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NRF 2021 Day One: 10 Key Insights

  1. Retailers Must Adapt to Pandemic-Driven Changes in Consumer Spending
  2. Surging Digital Channels Will Retain Importance Post Crisis
  3. Streamlined Inventory Management Systems Are Key to Omnichannel Success
  4. Supply Chain Will Be One of the Top Three Retail Areas of Change, According to Google
  5. Drugstores Empowered by Technology Will Continue To Play a Vital Role in Crisis Response
  6. Consumer Spending Shifts Emphasize Value of Loyalty Programs for Retailers
  7. Consumers Expect Every Interaction To Be Personal
  8. AI and ML Are Helping To Transform Grocery Retail
  9. Technology Is the Backbone of the Store
  10. The Role of the Store Associate Is Changing

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