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Holiday 2019: US Shopper Survey

Executive Summary

We take a deep dive into US shoppers’ expectations for the 2019 holiday season.

  • Almost six in 10 holiday shoppers are concerned about tariffs causing prices to rise on holiday gifts. And the majority of shoppers will not increase spending to absorb any price hikes: They will buy fewer items, switch to cheaper retailers or buy cheaper products.
  • Holiday shoppers are cross-channel shoppers: Just over two-thirds expect to buy online and in store. Stores are the top channel for browsing, comparing and getting gift ideas.
  • Shoppers primarily turn to e-commerce to strip friction from the shopping: to avoid crowds, save effort or save time. Shoppers most often choose to buy in store for ease of browsing, to see products in person and for the enjoyment of the experience.
  • Walmart and Amazon will be the most-shopped retailers this holiday season. Amazon shopper numbers are supported by Prime members.
  • Our survey suggests Walmart and Target stand to lose the most shoppers to Amazon.

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