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Experiential Retail in Sportswear: Driving In-Store and Online Shopper Engagement

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Shoppers are looking for more than transactional experiences. We analyze the recent rise in experiential retail in the global sportswear market, presenting research on:

  • Survey data on experiences consumers would like to see in stores
  • Real-time product testing and engaging in-store events
  • An example of Dick’s Sporting Goods experiential retail strategy
  • Seamless and integrated in-store shopping methods
  • Animations, gaming and video components

Read our report comparing Dick’s Sporting Goods with Foot Locker and discover our insights on innovations in physical apparel stores.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

Experiential Retail in Sportswear: Coresight Research Analysis

Experiential Retail in Sportswear Stores

Innovations by Sportswear Companies To Enhance the Online Experience

What We Think

Appendix: About Coresight Research’s BEST Framework

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