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E-Commerce Platforms Make Multibillion-Dollar Investments in Logistics as Online Demand Surges

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With the Covid-19 pandemic having significantly accelerated the growth of e-commerce, the global e-commerce logistics market is booming as platforms strive to meet consumer demands for delivery.

In this report, we look at recent investments into logistics capabilities by select e-commerce platforms—including Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart and—across six key areas, from facilities to autonomous delivery technologies and last-mile delivery.

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What’s the Story?

Why It Matters

E-Commerce Platforms Upgrade Logistics: A Deep Dive

Six Key Investment Areas

  1. Facilities
  2. Recruitment of Logistics Staff
  3. Partnerships with Logistics Firms
  4. Last-Mile Delivery
  5. Autonomous Delivery Technologies
  6. Cross-Border Fulfillment
What We Think

Implications for Brands/Retailers

Implications for Technology Vendors

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