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Holiday 2020: US Retail and Logistics Firms Boost Staff Numbers for an Online Holiday Season

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Part of our Holiday 2020 series, this report outlines key developments related to holiday hiring in US retail. We discuss the following:

  • Multiyear trends in seasonal hiring by major retail and logistics firms, including hiring numbers announced so far for 2020.
  • Early signs are that major US retailers will hire similar or fewer numbers of seasonal employees compared to last year.
  • Among retailers that have announced hiring plans against the uncertain background of the pandemic, hiring is mainly aimed at bolstering workforces to cater for a huge anticipated surge in e-commerce activity.
  • Hiring in allied sectors, such as shipping and logistics, is expected to broad offsetting reduced demand in parts of traditional retail, in light of coronavirus-related retail bankruptcies, sales declines and shifts toward online shopping.

Our US Holiday Retail 2020 Databank includes regularly updated data on holiday hiring by major US retailers and logistics firms—click here to access the Databank.

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