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Deep Dive: Wellness as a Luxury: Part 1— Living Well

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Our Wellness as a Luxury series looks at wellness as the new status symbol: “wellthness” is fast replacing other signifiers of affluence as a luxury to be enjoyed and flaunted. In this report, we look closely at three aspects of wellthness related to living well:

  1. Fitness classes: Young consumers in particular are seeking aspirational, social experiences in their fitness regimes. This is prompting a premiumization of workouts and classes at fitness centers, growth of collegiate workout clubs (many of which take the form of park-based boot camps), and the development of the fitness events industry.
  2. Wearables: Consumers in the 20–29 and 30–39 age groups are the most likely to use wearable technology to track their fitness.
  3. Athleisure: More and more young consumers are flaunting their focus on well-being in all parts of their everyday lives. They may not be on the way to the gym, but their yoga pants or sports top signals others that fitness is a core part of their lives.

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