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Wellness as a Luxury, Part 3—Eating Well

What's Inside

Our Wellness as a Luxury series looks at wellness as the new status symbol: “wellthness” is fast replacing other signifiers of affluence as a luxury to be enjoyed and flaunted. In this report, we look closely at three aspects of eating well:

  1. Fresh, organic and clean food: Consumers are increasingly buying fresh, organic, natural and other kinds of clean food.
  2. Diets: More and more consumers are trying out specific diets, and protein-based, “free from” and plant-based diets are growing in popularity.
  3. Supplements: Consumers across all age groups consume dietary supplements, but there are distinct differences in the types of supplements used by younger and older consumers.

Read part one of our series, on living well, here and part two, on sleeping well, here.

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