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Coresight Research, Shopkick and Fashwire Introduce the New 10.10 Shopping Festival

What's Inside

Together with Shopkick and Fashwire, Coresight Research is excited to announce the inaugural 10.10 Shopping Festival, a US-based event that will take place on October 9–12, 2020.

In this free report, we introduce the new event by answering five key questions:

1. What is 10.10?

2. Why launch 10.10 now?

3. What is Shopkick, and why did the company get involved?

4. What is Fashwire, and how is the company involved?

5. Why will 10.10 succeed?

Click here to read our free follow-up report on the 10.10 Shopping Festival, which details the event’s participating retailers, charities and partners.

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