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Coresight Bites: Amazon Prime—Why Non-Members Don’t Join the Program

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  • The Coresight Research US Consumer Tracker provides a detailed update on US consumers’ behaviors, concerns and expectations, with a focus on the implications for retail.
  • Our latest weekly consumer survey, conducted on August 2, 2021, assessed Amazon Prime membership rates and the reasons consumers do or do not have a subscription. Strikingly, the topmost reason for not having an Amazon Prime membership—mentioned by over one-third of respondents who are not members themselves—is that consumers already have access to Amazon Prime through someone else’s account. These respondents represent a significant potential market for Amazon, but one that it has so far been reluctant to capture.

Click the image below to access our findings from the latest weekly survey. For more on US Prime membership rates, see Coresight Research’s Amazon Databank, which brings together a range of proprietary data on Amazon, with a focus on its US operations.