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CES 2023: 12 Innovative Startups Seen at Pepcom Digital Experience!


The Coresight Research team is attending CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show), hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in Las Vegas from January 3, 2023, with the exhibits running during January 5–8, 2023. The event brings together technology vendors, innovators, retailers and people from around the world to get an early look at key consumer electronics trends in the new year. The scope of CES has expanded in recent years beyond electronic gadgets to encompass new areas such as healthcare, wearable devices and mobility. This year, the show has a large metaverse focus.

In this report, we present highlights from the Pepcom Digital Experience! on January 4, 2023, hosted by media events firm Pepcom. We discuss the innovative solutions of 12 selected technology startups.

CES 2023 Pepcom Digital Experience: Coresight Research Insights

The technologies featured in this report cover a range of themes, including beauty, healthcare, robotics and the metaverse. 


1.  Aeo Service Robot by Aeolus Robotics

The Aeolus service robot, called “Aeo,” can complete a variety of tasks including cleaning, delivery and security. For example, Aeo Disinfect kills 99.9% of pathogens in minutes, and can be controlled by anyone using the app, according to the company. For autonomous delivery, users only need to select a pickup and drop-off location; they can monitor delivery progress and receive photos using the Aeolus app.

Aeo service robot
Source: Coresight Research


2. Micro-Hearing Tech by Eargo

Eargo’s latest FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)-approved hearing aid model, Eargo 7, is a virtually invisible, self-fitting hearing aid that leverages breakthrough micro-battery technology, according to the company. Eargo 7 is water resistant and rechargeable, and it has a battery life of up to 16 hours.

Eargo booth at CES 2023 (left); the Eargo 7 micro-hearing aid (right)
Source: Company website/Coresight Research


3. Efficient Batteries by Enovix

Enovix produces high-energy-density and high-energy-capacity batteries using BrakeFlow Safety technology. The batteries use silicon anodes, which can store more lithium than traditional graphite anodes. Enovix has tackled challenges with silicon anodes, such as developing a stainless-steel constraint system to limit battery swelling and a “pre-lithiation” process to insert additional lithium during manufacturing, according to the company.

Enovix booth
Source: Coresight Research


4. Cloud AI By MeetKai

MeetKai’s Cloud AI (artificial intelligence) solution enables knowledge-driven Virtual Intelligence Personas (VIPs), increasing metaverse immersion by facilitating AI-human interactions using real-time reasoning capabilities.

MeetKai booth
Source: Coresight Research


5. AR Virtual Makeup Try-On by Perfect

Perfect’s AI and AR (augmented reality)-powered virtual makeup try-on technology enables customers to view foundations, bronzer, highlighter, lipstick and more as if looking in a mirror. The patented AgileFace Tracking technology leverages AI and deep learning capabilities to deliver a hyper-realistic experience to consumers. The tracking is lag-free and is optimized for all ages and ethnicities, according to the company.

AR virtual makeup try-on by Perfect
Source: Coresight Research

6. In-Car Karaoke Platform by Singing Machine

Singing Machine’s in-car karaoke experience includes karaoke microphones and an in-car smart app system. The app hosts over 100,000 songs, and the microphones are powered by PitchLab technology, offering studio quality and near-zero latency. The platform also features built-in safety features.

Singing Machine booth
Source: Coresight Research

7. SmartCheck Digital Ear Scope by Tylenol

Tylenol’s at-home digital ear scope enables users to capture picture and video to share with clinicians to check for ear infections remotely. The SmartCheck device uses the patented Eardrum Finder to clearly capture recordings, and the SmartCheck app enables compatibility with smartphones and allows users to keep records of recordings.

Tylenol’s SmartCheck Digital Ear Scope
Source: Coresight Research


8. Smart Cooking by Typhur

Typhur’s Sous Vide Station is equipped with multiple smart features, including a 12.3-inch touchscreen display on which users can view guided recipes. Vacuum sealers and reusable vacuum bags are included with purchase of the product. Users can connect the Sous Vide Station to the Typhur app to track cooking progress.

Typhur smart cooking devices
Source: Coresight Research


9. Phoenix Solar-Powered Headphones by Urbanista

Phoenix solar-powered headphones and earbuds leverage Powerfoyle solar-cell material to continuously charge when exposed to any form of light. The Phoenix headphones have a battery life of up to 80 hours, hybrid active noise cancellation an on-ear detection. The product supports Siri and Google Assistant.

Urbanista headphones and earbuds
Source: Coresight Research


10. Smart Home Services by Vivint

Vivint’s suite of smart home devices include outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras and smart locks. Vivint’s devices leverage Smart Deter technology to identify and deter threats using light or sound. The smart home system can be controlled from the Vivint app, which also hosts features to control lights and temperature and unlock doors.

Suite of smart home devices by Vivint
Source: Coresight Research


11. Vision Autonomous Mower by Worx

Worx’s robotic lawn mowers feature patented AIA intelligent navigation, enabling the robot to make right-angle turns, and its algorithms result in random mowing patterns, completing coverage of a user’s entire lawn within a week.

Worx booth featuring robotic lawn mower
Source: Coresight Research


12. Robotic Dog by WowWee

WowWee’s robotic dog, Chip, features several technologies that enable users to bond and play with Chip, with the product able to recognize the user. BeaconSense technology provides Chip with situational awareness, while GestureSense enables it to respond to human interactions such as petting, and other interactions which are aided by touch sensors and voice recognition. Chip leverages advanced infrared vision to be able to “see” its surroundings and a mecanum wheel design to move efficiently. Users can control Chip through an app, and the robot can connect with other smart devices.

WowWee robotic dog
Source: Coresight Research