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Unveiled at CES 2023: 15 Cool Products Plus Bonus Launchit JETRO Innovators


The Coresight Research team is attending CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show), hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in Las Vegas from January 3, 2023, with the exhibits running during January 5–8, 2023. The event brings together technology vendors, innovators, retailers and people from around the world to get an early look at key consumer electronics trends in the new year. The scope of CES has expanded in recent years beyond electronic gadgets to encompass new areas such as healthcare, wearable devices and mobility. This year, the show has a large metaverse focus.

In this report, we present insights from the CES Unveiled product showcase, which took place during the first Media Day of CES on January 3, 2023 (preceding the show proper). Journalists and analysts had the opportunity to see product demonstrations and speak with company representatives.

We also present highlights from the ShowStoppers Launchit product showcase on January 3, 2023, which featured Japanese startups.

Unveiled at CES 2023: Coresight Research Insights

At Unveiled, we saw several compelling uses of technologies that are accessible today, fulfilling current needs from agriculture to translation to mobility. Below, we highlight 15 cool products from technology companies that presented at CES Unveiled, with a particular emphasis on health, the metaverse and communication technology solutions.

1. The Seagull Pro by Aiper

Aiper launched its latest cordless robotic pool cleaner, The Seagull Pro, at CES Unveiled. New features include its WavePath Navigation Technology, which ensures cleaning coverage of all areas of pools, with wall-climbing capabilities, an innovative filtration system and faster charging time (just 90 minutes). The Seagull Pro can clean pools measuring up to 3,200 square feet.

The Seagull Pro by Aiper
Source: Company website



AIRXÔM developed an advanced version of a face mask that actively protects users against respiratory infection. The mask is rechargeable with a portable charger and is effective against viruses and bacteria such as Covid-19, flu, common cold, molds and pollen.

AIRXÔM booth
Source: Coresight Research


3. Cloverland by Clover

Cloverland is an upcoming metaverse casino powered by the Polygon blockchain; it is only accessible through virtual reality (VR). The casino has its own crypto token (which represents virtual playing chips) and features an NFT (non-fungible token) system in which NFTs can be leveled up, with higher levels granting players more rewards and better odds to win rounds.

Clover booth
Source: Coresight Research


4. CamCube by Dolphin Design

CamCube is a handheld object-recognition device fitted with a camera and coded with advanced computer vision algorithms. The device overlays text onto the video display to give the user identification information.

CamCube device
Source: Coresight Research


5. I-Perskin by I-Percut

I-Perskin by I-Percut is a smart punching bag cover that serves as a fitness tracking device for boxers. The cover uses LED lights to guide the user, and sensors on each target analyzes user activity during fitness sessions, including speed, exerted force, volume and reactivity. The device can be easily connected to a smartphone and has a battery life of 14 days.

I-Perskin by I-Percut
Source: Coresight Research


6. L’Oréal

L’Oréal demonstrated HAPTA, a handheld, smart makeup applicator for people with limited fine motor skills. The device uses a magnetic attachment for 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of flexion, plus a locking feature that enables the applicator to stay in position during use.

L’Oréal booth
Source: Coresight Research


7. SentiV by Meropy

SentiV by Meropy is an agricultural technology scouting robot that analyzes variability within field crop plots and identifies potential threats to crops. SentiV can travel at high speeds over rough terrain and does not harm crops via overstepping.

SentiV by Meropy
Source: Coresight Research


8. Odaptos

Odaptos demonstrated its video-chat and productivity tool, which leverages advanced AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to analyze emotions and facial expressions. The tool creates analytics available for the client in a dashboard. The platform provides a means for businesses to combine human emotions with their business strategies and to improve productivity.

Odaptos booth
Source: Coresight Research


9. LED Display by PanelSemi

PanelSemi unveiled its immersive display, a fully flexible Active-Matrix (AM) LED display, which can be used for interactive, eye-catching advertisements. The display is energy efficient, and PanelSemi is working on designing new shapes and sizes of all types for various retailers and businesses operating in different industries.

PanelSemi booth
Source: Coresight Research


10. Presage

Presage’s e-health system is delivering services to support seniors, reducing autonomy loss and hospitalization. The platform leverages AI to offer predictive alerts to avoid emergency scenarios as well as a personalized prevention plan to improve patient pathway. The platform is also available as a mobile app to support home health aides.

Presage booth
Source: Coresight Research


11. Silent Mask by Skyted

Skyted demonstrated its “voice-silencing” mask, which is able to completely suppress vocal sounds to those around the user. The mask also features a built-in microphone, which allows for external communications and could be useful in office settings, for privacy in gaming and the metaverse, etc.

Skyted booth
Source: Coresight Research


12. SocialDream

SocialDream has developed VR goggles that can be used as a treatment for anxiety, particularly among vulnerable populations. The VR goggles enable users to escape or experience certain emotions, which can serve as therapeutic services.

SocialDream VR goggles
Source: Coresight Research


13. WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds by Timekettle

Timekettle’s WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds are real-time bidirectional translation earbuds. The device achieves online translation within just three seconds, leveraging AI algorithms for voice recognition and translation, with up to 95% translation accuracy, according to the company.

WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds by Timekettle
Source: Company website


14.  VDK Silbo by Vivoka

VDK Silbo is a voice-technology solution powered by AI, which enables companies to construct multilingual, offline, personalized virtual assistants. VDK Silbo features include automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, wake-up word, voice biometrics, grammar management and an audio front end. Its offline capabilities are particularly significant as it can be used for sensitive information, such as patient or government data, as the data remain preserved in the machine.

VDK Studio interface
Source: Company website


15. WeWard

WeWard is a mobile app that rewards users with “Wards” for walking. Wards can be converted into cash, gifts or donations to charity. WeWard highlighted that it has 10 million users who are walking 24% more; $7 million has been given to users and charity; and 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide have been saved through its community.

WeWard mobile app
Source: Company website


Bonus: ShowStoppers Launchit Features JETRO Companies

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is hosting 36 Japanese startups at CES 2023. Coresight Research attended the ShowStoppers Launchit product showcase on January 3, 2023, at CES, which featured several JETRO innovators. We highlight some of these exciting companies and their products below.

  • The Archelis exoskeleton suit protects factory workers against lower-back strain by supporting users’ shins and thighs.
Archelis exoskeleton suit
Source: Company website


  • Diver-X’s ContactGlove solution enables users to experience the sensation of touching objects in the VR space.
ContactGlove by Diver-X
Source: Company YouTube


  • Graffity produces augmented reality (AR) entertainment products, such as AR games and glasses.
Presentation by Graffity at CES 2023
Source: Coresight Research


  • SoundFun leverages Audible Wave Technology to produce a curved speaker, which makes it easier for people with hearing loss to hear dialogue on the television.
Mirai Speaker by SoundFun
Source: Amazon


  • ZEALS’ automated conversation solution delivers conversational commerce. It can be used via applications such as Instagram DM, enabling next-level personalized customer service chatting.
Slides from ZEALS’ presentation
Source: Coresight Research